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Daisy poop bag holder

Daisy poop bag holder

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Who said poop bag holders can’t be cute!?
Our Daisy poop bag holder is stylish and super convenient.

It comes with a clip to easily attach on to your lead, so you never have to worry about remembering your poop bag again!


100 x 60 x 45mm

*Please note that dog accessories are subject to wear and tear and it is the responsibility of the owner to make sure it is safe for their pup to wear.

Collar measurements:
XS= 22-23 cm
S= 28-43 cm
M 33-51 cm

Harness measurements:
XS neck= 29-36 chest= 36-48 cm
S neck= 35-44 chest= 41-54 cm
M neck= 39-51 chest= 46-61 cm

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